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Analysis of nationwide clinical laboratory COVID-19 lab test reports

Redfield Defends Bypassing the CDC on Crucial COVID-19 Data

The National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) module was one of four pathways to reporting crucial COVID-19 data to HHS. The NHSN module was deactivated with the TeleTracking HHS Protect portal becoming the primary pathway for hospitals, hospital laboratories, and other healthcare facilities. The decision has met criticism.

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Achieving High Confidence Levels in the Quality and Accuracy of Your Clinical Lab’s Chosen COVID-19 Serology Tests

Now that your clinical laboratory has decided on which COVID-19 serology test it will buy and offer to physicians, patients, and employers with wellness screening programs, your lab team must succeed with the challenging process of validation. This is required—not just for your lab to meet CLIA requirements—but for your lab team to have high confidence that the COVID-19 serology test results are accurate, reproducible, and appropriate for use in patient care. Join us for this program as James O. Westgard and Sten Westgard, lead you through the process. 

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Quality Issues Your Clinical Laboratory Should Know Before You Buy or Select COVID-19 Serology Tests

This complimentary program features leading clinical laboratory thought leaders James O. Westgard, PhD, Sten Westgard and The Dark Report founder Robert L. Michel, as they discuss how labs can navigate the risks and pitfalls of COVID-19 serology testing. Learn what you should look for to ensure that the tests will produce accurate, reproducible test results.

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How to Successfully Lead Your Lab Through the Legislative and Regulatory Landscape of COVID-19

Laboratories and pathology groups are facing unprecedented clinical, operational, financial, and legal challenges due to COVID-19. The legislative and regulatory landscape is as constantly evolving as the strategies that must be implemented. Stream this 90-minute webinar on demand for free, including an interactive Q&A session, and gain valuable insights that will enable you to implement the legal, operational, and financial strategies to maximize your position in this unique and demanding environment. 

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Helping Your Lab Stay Afloat During Challenging Times

Dear Colleague,

Robert L. MichelIn these challenging times for our colleagues in clinical laboratories, pathology practices and hospital administration, The Dark Intelligence Group (TDIG) — through generous grants from our partners — is bringing you the COVID-19 STAT Intelligence Briefings.

We’ve added analysts, writers and skilled editors to the COVID-19 STAT team to uncover, analyze, and immediately report to you what’s happening with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, packaged with the insights you need to deliver quality testing for patient care and keep your lab’s financial ship afloat. As part of our mission, we are also bringing you real-time data from our partners around testing that you will not find anywhere else.

Please let me know how we can better improve this service to fit your needs. If you would like to offer a grant to keep our mission going with this site, please contact me at


Robert L. Michel
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