How to Successfully Lead Your Lab Through the Legislative and Regulatory Landscape of COVID-19

Laboratories and pathology groups are facing unprecedented clinical, operational, financial, and legal challenges due to COVID-19. The legislative and regulatory landscape is as constantly evolving as the strategies that must be implemented. Stream this 90-minute webinar on demand for free, including an interactive Q&A session, and gain valuable insights that will enable you to implement the legal, operational, and financial strategies to maximize your position in this unique and demanding environment. 

What Hospital and Health System Labs Need to Know About Operational Support and Logistics During the COVID-19 Outbreak

How are other clinical laboratories successfully working their way through the COVID-19 outbreak? What are different health networks doing to provide SARS-CoV-2 tests? Does your lab have questions dealing with specimen collection, availability of testing components, the analytical or post-analytical testing phase, your community’s population health direction, dealing with continually evolving algorithms, or PPE and overall safety concerns? Stream this 60-minute webinar, including an interactive Q&A session, and hear the lessons learned by labs who are effectively handling the logistics of the COVID-19 pandemic.