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Call 12 from 7/2/20: COVID-19’s Impact on the Financial Stability of Clinical Laboratories: What’s Happened to Labs’ Specimen Volumes and Cash Flow Since Early March

Robert L. MichelFeatured speaker: Robert L. Michel, Editor The Dark Report, Founder and principal of  The Dark Intelligence Group. bio

Key Learnings: Compare the decline in routine daily specimen volumes in the outreach/outpatient sectors with the decline in daily hospital lab test volumes; Understand how the commercial lab/outreach market for lab testing is recovering; See the positive impact that COVID-19 lab test volumes have for labs able to perform those tests; Predict how the COVID-19 pandemic may significantly constrain the inflow of routine lab test specimens in coming months. Stream On Demand

Call 11 from 6/30/20: Getting Paid for COVID-19 Lab Test Claims: Essential Steps Every Clinical Lab Can Take to Speed Full Payment as Federal and State Requirements Change and Evolve

Featured speaker: Danielle M. Sloane, Bass, Berry & Sims PLC (bio)

Key Learnings: Understand what federal law requires, as defined in the two COVID-19 bills; Learn about the issues for pre-surgical testing of COVID-19 and the requirements of different states for submitting claims; Explore key developments in testing staff and residents at nursing homes and long-term care facilities; Gain insights into COVID-19 employer testing programs, including programs for testing staff and providers at hospital and health systems. Stream On Demand

Call 10, from 6/25/20: COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma – Successful Hospital and Blood Supplier Partnership for Patient Treatment 

Featured speaker: Randy German, Laboratory Administrative Director, Hoag Memorial Hospital, Newport Beach CA

Key Learnings: Review of SARS-CoV-2 Convalescent Plasma and the Mayo COVID-19 Expanded Access Protocol; Design and function of the hospital and blood center partnership; Lessons learned in donor recruitment and willingness of recovered patients to donate; Patient case studies involving use of convalescent plasma. Stream On Demand


Call No. 9 from 6/23/20: COVID-19 Testing for Nursing Homes, Health System Employees, and Employers: How Your Lab Can Tap this Financial Opportunity Using Analytics and New Digital Tools

Featured speakers: Scott LaNeve, Senior VP High-Value Care, at hc1; Peter Plantes, MD, Executive Physician at hc1

Key Learnings: Perspective on how labs can help clients assess local risk for COVID-19 infection; Need for protocols management when testing residents, staff, and employees for COVID-19; Similarities and differences when labs provide COVID-19 testing programs at nursing homes, hospitals/health systems, employers, and others; Understanding the needs of employers, colleges, and universities as they organize COVID-19 testing to support return-to-work and return-to-school programs. Stream On Demand

Call No. 8 from 6/18/20: Lessons Learned in Standardizing and Harmonizing COVID-19 Testing Across all Laboratory Sites Within Dartmouth Hitchcock Health

Featured speaker: Dorothy Martin, Regional Laboratory Manager at Dartmouth Hitchcock Health

Key Learnings: Review of COVID-19 sample risk and testing contingency planning in a multi-hospital health network environment; Establishment of standard validation protocols to account for various testing methodologies for COVID-19 across member hospitals; Creation of a ‘validation’ protocol and kit for enterprise hospitals to perform validation studies using same procedures; Lab Personnel, Supply and PPE mitigation planning for impact of COVID-19 testing. Stream On Demand

Call No. 7 from 6/16/20: When Your COVID-19 Patient is Positive, What Does Your Lab Do Next? Using Interleukin 6, Autoverification, and Automated Rule Sets to Triage Patients at Risk of a Cytokine Storm

Featured speakers: Joshua Hayden, PhD,  Chief of Chemistry, Norton Healthcare; and Angela Martin, Manager, Laboratory Information System, Norton Healthcare

Key Learnings: While a great deal of focus has been placed on COVID-19 diagnostic testing, far less attention has been given to prognostic testing. This testing is especially important given that COVID-19 outcomes range from mild/asymptomatic to death. This call will discuss our health system’s experience with prognostic markers in COVID-19 patients. In particular, we will focus on the implementation and utility of interleukin-6 (IL6) in these patients. Stream On Demand.

Call No. 6 from 6/11/20: Florida Turns to Northwest Pathology/Northwest Laboratory and the TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Web Portal for Statewide Testing of Long Term Care Residents and Staff for COVID-19″

Featured speakers: Jennifer Bull,COO, Northwest Pathology and Northwest Laboratory;and Suren Avunjian,CEO,LigoLab Information System.

Key learnings: Hear how the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) has partnered with Northwest Pathology/Northwest Laboratory and the TestDirectly direct-to-consumer web portal to collect and test each of its 500,000 long term care (LTC) residents and staff for COVID-19. Major benefits: 10,000 samples are collected and processed daily with a processing time of 4-to-6 hours, and the results are electronically sent directly to the LTC employees, LTC facilities, and the state within 2-to-3 days of specimen collection. Stream On Demand

Call No. 5 from 6/9/20: “Reagent Rental Agreements and Supply Chain Issues during the Pandemic: How Clinical Laboratories Can Work with Vendors to align deliveries and inventory with current testing volumes”

Featured speaker: Kevin Hunter, MBA,  CEO Colaborate

Key learnings: Understand the structure and terms of your lab’s reagent rental and equipment supply agreements; What options can vendors offer when your lab runs 50% fewer tests per day than specified in existing agreements; Learn what vendors can and cannot do when a lab asks to renegotiate equipment supply agreements; Assess options for dealing with excess reagents, expire dates, and related issues.Stream On Demand


Call No. 4 from 6/4/20: “Ensuring Financial Survival During and After the Pandemic: Essential Cash Planning Steps for Anatomic Pathology Groups to Align Expenses with Cash Flow and Preserve Group’s Financial Stability”

Featured speaker: Al Sirmon, Pathology Practice Advisors, LLC

Key Learnings: Building the financial model for 20-24 months with best, middle, and worst case scenarios; developing appropriate assumptions for specimens and revenue; costs, and pathologists’ remuneration; proven strategies that pathology groups are using to respond to the pandemic and align costs with reduced cash flow.  Stream On Demand


Call No. 3 from 6/2/20: “Major Changes in Clinical Laboratory Staffing, Recruiting, and Compensation Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic: What’s Changing in Demand and Compensation for Clinical Lab Scientists with Molecular and Antibody Testing Skills”

Featured Speaker: Jon Harol, Founder of Lighthouse Lab Services.

Key learnings: The silver lining of the lab staffing shortage; COVID-19’s disparate impact on job security for medical lab scientists; Two new areas of increased demand for lab professionals. Stream On Demand


Call No. 2, from 5/28/20: “The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Financial Disaster for the Clinical Laboratory and Anatomic Pathology Professions”

Robert L. MichelFeatured Speaker: Robert L. Michel, Editor The Dark Report, Founder and principal of  The Dark Intelligence Group.

Key learnings: Identify and discuss the disruption in clinical care and resulting crash in labs’ cash flow; Review federal government efforts to ramp up rapid molecular testing for COVID-19; Understand current status of COVID-19 serology testing; Explore current state of clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups, including supply chain, layoffs/furloughs of staff, cash flow concerns. Stream On Demand

Richard-S-Cooper-McDonald-Hopkins-explains-legal-risks-COVID-testingCall No. 1 from 5/26/20: “Legal Issues When Performing Employee COVID-19 Screening Testing for Employers.”

Featured speaker: Rick Cooper of McDonald Hopkins.

Key learnings: Identifying and quantifying financial distress risk; Effective negotiation of lease, vendor and debt forbearance agreements; Out of court restructurings – debt refinancing and debt for equity transactions; Formal restructuring through Chapter 11. Stream On Demand