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Update as of November 8th, 2020

XIFIN analyzed its vast stores of data, representative of four out of five top integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and seven out of the top ten independent laboratories nationwide, to craft the Lab Volume Index.

Currently, XIFIN sees 20-25% of all COVID-19 testing claims nationwide. The Lab Volume Index synthesizes billing volume data into a measurement of testing volumes as compared to a pre-coronavirus testing average (“baseline”).

Baseline volume is an average of weekly volumes represents current year pre-COVID-19 testing volumes. The Lab Volume Index measures billing volume data against a baseline volume, expressed as a percent of baseline.

In this latest report, you’ll see that overall testing is at an all-time peak, driven by ongoing increases in COVID-19 testing. This is a week-to-week total growth of 4%, though COVID testing grew 5% and routine testing decrease 1%. As has been the case since mid summer, antibody testing remains stagnant, registering less than 1% of total testing.  

All segments show a total test volume over 100% of baseline, though that ranges from 116% for Pathology, to 331% for Molecular. Overall, routine testing is hovering just under 100%, with 4 of the 5 segments that XIFIN tracks near or above 100%. Only one segment—Pain/tox—is significantly below baseline for routine testing (73% of baseline), but with more than 50% of its volume coming from COVID testing, the segment stands at 179% of baseline for all testing.