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Updated  May 6, 2021

XIFIN analyzed its vast stores of data, representative of four out of five top integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and ten out of the top 12 public laboratories nationwide, to craft the Lab Volume Index. Access interactive charts and weekly updates at

Currently, XIFIN sees 15-20% of all COVID-19 testing claims nationwide. The Lab Volume Index synthesizes billing volume data into a measurement of testing volumes as compared to a pre-coronavirus testing average (“baseline”). Its synthesis of lab billing data into a measurement of testing volumes enables comparisons of routine laboratory testing, COVID-19 testing, and antibody testing both over time and across key laboratory segments: clinical, hospital, molecular, anatomic pathology, and pain/tox. Baseline volume is an average of weekly volumes represents current year pre-COVID-19 testing volumes. The Lab Volume Index measures billing volume data against a baseline volume, expressed as a percent of baseline.

Here’s the week’s synopsis:

Volumes Notch Down Slightly

Overall testing edged downward, with a 6% drop that was primarily due to a 4% drop in COVID-19 testing. Routine testing continues to hover around baseline levels (100%). COVID volumes finished the week at 66% of baseline. Antibody testing continued at its 2% of baseline pace. Interactive versions of these charts are available at 

All segments experienced small some amount of decline this week, except for pathology, which saw a modest increase. COVID testing remains strongest in the Molecular and Pain/Tox segments, while routine testing is strongest in Pathology, Hospital, and Molecular segments. Here is a segment-by-segment breakdown:

  • Molecular saw a 6% growth overall to finish the week at 263% of baseline, with COVID-19 testing contributing 17% growth which was partially offset by an 11% drop in routine testing.
  • Hospital lab volumes dipped across the board, with a 2% drop in COVID-19 testing and a 4% drop in routine testing, for a total overall segment drop of 6%, to finish at 152% of baseline.
  • ​​​​​​​Clinical lab volumes also dropped for both COVID-19 testing (down 6%) and routine testing (down 2%) to finish the week down 8% overall, at 171% of baseline.
  • Contrary to other segments, the Pathology segment saw a modest increase in routine testing (up 2%), to bring the segment routine testing to 100% of baseline. COVID-19 testing dropped a fraction of a percent, with overall volumes finishing the week at 113% of baseline.
  • Pain/tox labs saw the largest drop this week, with an 18% drop in COVID-19 testing that combined with a 1% drop in routine testing to end the week at 187% of baseline overall.