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HHS Announces Allocation of $4.8 Billion for Funding COVID-19 Testing for the Uninsured

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New COVID-19 funding announced by HHS to reimburse healthcare providers for COVID-19 testing for the uninsured

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced in late May, that, through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), $4.8 billion from the most recent stimulus bill will be allocated to support the HRSA COVID-19 Uninsured Program. This program reimburses healthcare providers for COVID-19 testing that is provided to the uninsured and enables providers to continue to provide testing to this population.

“As we vaccinate the country, lets continue taking the preventive measures necessary to keep the virus under control and prevent it from spreading. Testing remains critical and now its available at no cost to those who need it,” said HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra. This funding will help ensure everyone has access to testing regardless of whether they have health insurance.”

Even as COVID-19 test volumes decline throughout the United States and vaccines continue to be administered, the continued focus by the HHS on providing COVID-19 testing will allow the United States to continue to ensure that testing remains available.

Focusing on the underserved and eliminating health access barriers for vulnerable communities is a core part of our mission,” said Acting HRSA Administrator Diana Espinosa. To truly return to normal after the pandemic, we must continue to test, treat and vaccinate everyone, regardless of insurance or immigration status.”

Clinicians wishing to access HRSA reimbursement should review the requirements and instructions listed on HRSA’s resource page.