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CDC Releases New COVID-19 Testing Tool to Identify Patients Who Require COVID-19 Testing

Questions about COVID testing

New online CDC tool intended to relieve confusion around when to test now, as well as enable healthcare providers to quickly identify patients who should be tested for COVID-19

As COVID-19 cases decrease in the United States, there is some confusion in the public about who should receive COVID-19 testing. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines are evolving as the number of vaccinated individuals rises. Therefore, some healthcare providers and patients are unclear about who should still be tested for COVID-19 and under what circumstances.

To guide healthcare providers and patients on COVID-19 testing during this lull, the CDC recently released an online tool to serve as a resource. This tool, formatted as an online chatbot, walks providers or patients through a simple series of questions to determine if COVID-19 testing is indicated for their specific situation.

“The COVID-19 Viral Testing Tool is an interactive web tool designed to help both healthcare providers and individuals understand COVID-19 testing options,” the CDC website says. “This tool helps healthcare providers quickly access the most relevant, actionable information to determine what type(s) of COVID-19 testing they should recommend to patients. The tool helps individuals determine what type of test they should seek. After test results are in, the tool can help interpret test results and guide next steps.”

Clinicians or clinical laboratorians wishing to access this free CDC resource can do so here.

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